Donor Benefits

We want to award and honor students who have helped make the difference in lives of those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other brain health and autoimmune disorders as well as in health research through their continued plasma donations. That’s why we developed this scholarship program.

You’ll receive awards based on your donation frequency, a debit card to purchase healthy food and supplements at Whole Foods, and access to a Donor Concierge to make sure your experience as a donor is excellent.

The Award

The scholarship will be tiered based off how frequently you donate. In a typical 15 week semester, If you donate one time per week, you would be awarded a total of $2,025. However, the scholarship runs year-round and does not follow the school year, which means if you donated once a week (the max amount) for an entire year you could earn up to $7,020. 

We are planning to award each student $135 per donation. That amount is projected to increase over time as we scale out the program.

The scholarship award is calculated and direct deposited to your bank account monthly based on donation frequency. The scholarship runs all year long and does not mirror the school year.


Although not all of these a requirements, this is what we would like to see in our donors:

*We recognize that the classroom isn’t the only place to learn and that many are waiting until they can afford school or are otherwise in a better place to attend. Because of that, we are developing a separate application for students of the world. We also recognize that sometimes your GPA is not a reflection of your intelligence or diligence. If your GPA does not meet the 3.0 cut off, please answer the additional question in the student application.

*In order to be a regular donor, there must be no major genetic conditions in your 23andMe profile that you’ll do after your initial donation. If you are not able to be a regular donor, you will still receive compensation for your first donation.

How do I get it?


While we work on developing the application, please fill out the interest form here. We will contact you when the applications have launched.

Coming soon…

  1. Fill out the interest form here.
  2. We will contact you soon about details for doing your first donation. Complete your first donation either at a nearby collection center or a donation bus on your campus.
  3. We will send you your free 23andMe genetic test. Based off the results (which will also allow you to see your ancestry and health reports), we will determine if you are an eligible donor or not. If you are not, you will be compensated for the single donation.
  4. If you are an eligible donor, you can fill out the appropriate scholarship application below and begin donating regularly. We will have an application for both students and non-students pursuing other passions.